Picture Perfect Photo Awards Software

Kyoso is a white-label platform, built from the ground up to handle high-volume photo competitions and awards.

We don’t run our own photo competitions, and we don’t force customers to use our website, signup system or branding.

We don’t funnel revenue through our systems or accounts, and we don't require our users to sign up for an annual service.

What we do is help our customers get the most from every stage of their Awards programme.

A Complete Awards Service

From planning to the final stages of judging, we're here to help you.


During onboarding, we:

  • Install our secure entry service on your website (enter.yourdomain.com)
  • Set up data capture, terms and tracking set to meet your requirements
  • Prepare branded emails and sending domains
  • Configure payments, if required, so that you receive fees directly


When the call is open:

  • Customers can leverage pricing promotions, coupons and member discounts to drive entries
  • We ensure that relevant data consents and terms approvals are gathered and recorded
  • Entrants use a simple, modern interface to enter, pay and upload their work
  • Simpler entry means less customer service work


Once the call is over:

  • Our online judging system is powerful, simple to use and highly flexible
  • Multi-round judging is supported, with customisable selection and scoring rules
  • Administrators can easily keep track of the progress of multiple judges
  • Data is yours to keep, and can be exported in various formats

Tried, Tested and Trusted

Kyoso has powered numerous international photography awards, receiving tens of thousands of entries and hundreds of thousands of images - with peak demand sometimes exceeding 1,000 images per hour. Our clients include:

Portrait of Britain

In its second year, Portrait of Britain attracted over 13,000 submissions, from which 200 were chosen for publication in a book and 100 were shown on JC Deceaux screens across the UK.

Association of Photographers

The Association of Photographers Awards incorporate categories for students and members, as well as open calls, with the winning images displayed in One Canada Square, London.


The The Royal Photographic Society's International Photography Exhibition is the longest-running exhibition of its kind in the world. Kyoso also powered the RPS's Science Photographer of the Year.

International Photo Award

British Journal of Photography's International Photography Award is an open call that aims to find the best in contemporary photographic talent, and has launched numerous successful careers.

OpenWalls Arles

Now in its second year, the winning images from OpenWalls Arles will be exhibited at Galerie Huit Arles to coincide with the Les Rencontres d’Arles photo festival.

Portrait of Humanity

Portrait of Humanity asked photographers from around the workd to submit work that celebrates the shared values of Individuality, Community and Unity. The winners will be exhitited worldwide.

Solid and Built to Scale

If your competition platform struggles under heavy demand, entries and revenue will be lost. Developed as a truly stateless web application, Kyoso is built to absorb demand - any award can be scaled from one shared server up to more than a dozen high-performance ones if required.

Our infrastructure is deployed on the industry-standard Amazon AWS via Heroku Enterprise, so our servers and database backend is supported by a 24/7/365 operations team.

Find Out More

Every Kyoso entry system is set up for the customer's specific needs, so we don't have a one-size-fits-all price. As an indication, though: our per-month running costs start at £400, with custom setup charged at £750/day - so a simple three-month Awards could cost less than £2,000 in total.

If you'd like more information, or to check out a live demo of the system in action, please drop us a line via the form on the right and we'll get in touch.

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We can't share the photos uploaded into Kyoso competitions, so the images in the heading are from the following very talented photographers, and sourced via Unsplash - thanks to:

  • Daniel Lincoln
  • Gift Habeshaw
  • Rids
  • Daniel H Tong
  • Le Tan
  • Brad Fickeisen
  • Connor Wilkins
  • David Papillon
  • Faris Mohammed
  • Jennifer Chen
  • Josh Millgate
  • Luka Vovk
  • Nazreen Banu
  • Robin Benzrihem
  • Sascha Yeryomin
  • Thomas Young